20 Family Fun Night Ideas You Have to Try

Family fun night gives you a chance to bring out the best in your little ones, taking the time to learn their unique personalities through events and activities which foster a sense of togetherness. Once you get your whole family in on any of these 20 ideas for family fun night, you’re guaranteed to have them begging for the next bout of fun and games.

Try Idols at Home for a Spin on Karaoke

Kids Enjoying At Home Idols for Family Fun Night

All that you need to set up your very own American Idol night is a karaoke machine or YouTube and a few of your friends and family. This game works best with five or more people but also entertaining in small groups. It is just as fun. Assign two judges and take turns to perform at your best in true Idols style, tallying points at the end of the night to see who wins.