15 “Non-Toy” Gift Ideas For Kids

Travel back in time and flip through your memories to find the best gift that you have ever received? Toys are a must. But there comes a time when you are at a loss as to what should you gift the child with? There are many ways you can create the loving memories that you and the child may cherish as long as they live.¬†Below are a few ideas that classify as “non-toy” gifts. These gift ideas for kids can enhance their experience of living a happy and full life, carving memories and wonderful experiences on the go.

1. Looking After A Plant/Fruit Tree

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The simplicity and the need to connect with the Mother Nature is an inbuilt quality of every child. Therefore, if the child has a backyard or garden space, why not gift a sapling? This way the child will develop a sense of responsibility and compassion, which will go a long way.