Stop Spending Money on Car Repairs! (Advertorial)

Ever fixed your car and paid out of pocket?

Your car is the most expensive thing you will own other than your home. The dealer will often provide a warranty for the first 3-4 years, but after that, you are completely unprotected. We all know auto repairs cost a lot of money especially since shops charge as much as $175/hour just for labor. That is why it is recommended that all drivers get an auto warranty to protect against such costly repairs for the life of your vehicle.

With a quote from Good Stone Auto Warranty, protecting your vehicle has never been easier, as most companies will customize a car warranty to fit your needs, taking into account all of your concerns.

Car warranty benefits:

  • Cars are complex – And with these added complexities there’s a higher risk for breakdowns.
  • Convenience and peace-of-mind – Experiencing a car breaking down is incredibly stressful and disruptive.
  • Budget protection – Breakdowns happen and the unexpected costs can add up.
  • Greater car value – This is the hidden benefit many don’t consider. A vehicle that was under a car warranty is more likely to be well maintained and in good working order and will command a higher trade-in value down the road.

Let Good Stone Auto Warranty help you save money today!


Article sponsored by Good Stone Auto Warranty