The Most Popular Baby Names in the Last 100 Years

The most popular baby name for newborn boys is no ordinary Joe, or John or Michael. As for baby girls, Mary might have been the name of choice more than 100 years ago, but not any longer.
To find the most popular baby names for the past 100 years, 24/7 Wall St reviewed data from the U.S. Social Security Administration about the most popular girl and boy names.

#1 1917-1926

two babies
  • 1917: Mary and John
  • 1918: Mary and John
  • 1919: Mary and John
  • 1920: Mary and John
  • 1921: Mary and John
  • 1922: Mary and John
  • 1923: Mary and John
  • 1924: Mary and Robert
  • 1925:¬†Mary and Robert
  • 1926: Mary and Robert