This Husband Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife Together In 40 Pictures

Alone, Together

4 – A drawing of a man and women in bed together reading separately

Once a couple evolves together time spent alone will also be spent together. Even with your loved one in the room, your solitude remains undisturbed and actually enriched.

Morning Routines

A sketch of a husband and wife starting off their morning by brushing their teeth together

Waking up to the face of your love and joining each other for common routine tasks like brushing teeth or making breakfast totally transforms a day.

Incomparable Bonds

A pencil drawing of a husband and wife together on the couch

Love between partners is unlike any other love you experience in life. There is simply nothing better than being in each other’s company, while feeling more yourself than ever before. An evening together can consist of anything and be a memory to treasure.