Top 15 Safe Countries for Raising Kids


Who does not want the absolute best for his children? Parents make a lot of sacrifices so their children can have an amazing life. Sometimes this can even mean moving to a different country! Ever wonder in which country would you and your children have the best possible life? Wonder no more, because we’ve found 15 safe countries for raising kids. With each country, we have mentioned an OECD score for general satisfaction with life, scored out of 10.

15. Slovenia

slovenia is one of the best country for raising kids

This is not a country that many parents would consider but they would be wrong because not only is crime rate quite low in the country, but 87% of adults aged 25-64 in Slovenia have completed upper secondary education. Slovenia ranked at number 2 of Children (STC)’s list of best places to raise kids.
OECD score: 5.8


  1. That is priceless… to use here a photo of a family who had all their five children taken in custody by the Child Protection in Norway. (Now they have got the children back and moved out of Norway). I wonder if they gave their consent to have their family photo attached to this information posted on your page here?

    • You can tell that someone DID NOT do their research…..some of these places are quite the opposite!!! I think the plan for this article is to LIE to the people into moving to these countries (mainly white people) so when they move there, they’ll be attacked just like the native population by Arab & Northern African Sub-human Muslims that they let into their country. BTW: Sweden is the RAPE CAPITAL of Europe!!!! What’s sad is, the government is totally selling their own people up the creek for these animals…..non of them are human. Humans don’t do the crap that they do.Germany arrest people for complaining about the devil worshiping Muslim sub-human species. I know b/c I live there and abserved it first hand. There are schools in Germany where white German kids are the minority and are terrorized by the animals for being white, non-devil worshipping muslims, females for showing their skin & white, & boys for being white males in general. This article is a TOTAL & COMPLETELY LIE!!! Be warned…..This is a TRAP!!!

    • well, it’s the state’s task to protect the innocent (children) above any parents. Why is there not anybody that part with the absolutely weakest part? Norway has problems with thousands of children being abused by mental sick parents, still, errors do happen. *When a child is parted from her mother, everybody screams, like the mother always is entitled to be the weak innocent victim!! Who asked about how the child was treated? Nobody seems to care when children actually do get saved from an abusing home, it’s not a human right to own children if you cannot take care of them.

      The reason I wrote this is : “I was once the child of this innocent mother, that always portrayed her as the poor victim “. She was, in reality, a full-blooded abusing diagnosed narcissist that hit us , a drug abuser and used her children as narcissistic supply.

    • My mother had endless recourses of support, we children had “none”, who should we talk to and get believed? Who told us what was the norm? Who where there for the weakest

  2. Norway is the worse countrie regarding social life and human behavior. Everything is money. If you don’t earned enough money then the children even in the kindergarten can’t go.

    • Very strange comment here, obviously you are making claims without using proper facts. Norwegians do not focus on money in the slightest. Regarding Kindergarten, this is completely false– it is already highly subsidised, but if you do not have an income your child will receive a spot in kindergarten and the state will pay for a majority, if not the entire fee.

  3. Haha this list is total bs. Malta isn’t even on the list and it’s much safer than most of those countries. Australia? Have you ever read about child abduction rates there?

    • I understand your arguments and you’d be entirely right if Malta had a decent ratio of countryside, open spaces and safe cycling/walking network for both adult and children commuters. So yes, while the Mediterranean island scores high on street criminality safety and historical culture, it is definitely below par on environmental issues that affect current and future quality of life.

    • It’s clear that you don’t know anything about Israel and maybe about a lot of other countries. But I agree that the pictures of European countries are the selfie just before falling off the Sharia cliff.

  4. Israel hahahaha hahahaha hahaha.
    Okay enough internet for today.

    PS: Glad you didn’t mention North Korea as well.

  5. No, Israel is ny far one of the worst places to rise a child unless you considering scratching your kids teachersn order to get better marks. The kids there are little Savages supported by their parents, they are rude and vulgar and shout all the time. Thank you, excuse me I’m sorry consider a bad word which nobody uses ever. Lines ups does not exist on in order to get to the bus you have to push other people or to anywhere else. Yes the kids has the freedom to run freely at the mall/ neighborhood/streets without supervision like or offense but it doesn’t mean it’s okay.
    Also keep in mind, the school system is horrible, in the past few years they become more and more religious and even teach kids dead in order to grow crops you need to pray too God even in the public schools and lastly unless you are religious you will have they will have to join the army at 18 even if they don’t want to (or go to jail).


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